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Jual Roll-on Balls 1.4 INCH

P 11 July 2020 , , U ? ,

Jual Roll-on Balls 1.4 INCH dengan spesifikasi berikut : ARTICLE 1.4″ PPH SIZE 1.400″ +/- .003″ TYPE Hollow APPLICATION Roll-on Deo Country of Origin USA... Selengkapnya)

J Mungkin Anda minat dengan iklan ini..


JUAL IFM ELECTRONIC SV6050 Vortex flow meter SVM34XXXD0KG/US-100 Vortex flow meter; analogue signal; Measuring range 3.5…50 l/min; Medium temperature -40…100 °C; Pressure rating 12 bar;... Selengkapnya)

Allen-Bradley 1769-PB4

JUAL Allen-Bradley 1769-PB4 L3x & L3y CompactLogix Power Supplies 24VDC Input 4A @ 5VDC 2A @ 24VDC Catalog Number 1769-PB4 Description Power Supply 24VDC Input... Selengkapnya)

Jual ifm Level sensors

Level sensors High reliability due to the elimination of mechanical components Different function principles: Guided wave radar, capacitive and hydrostatic Devices for limit level detection... Selengkapnya)

IFM PA9024 PA-010-RBR14-B-DVG/US/V

JUAL IFM ELECTRONIC PA9024 PA-010-RBR14-B-DVG/US/V Pressure transmitter with ceramic measuring cell Electronic pressure sensor; 0…10 bar; 0…145 psi; 0…1000 kpa; 0…1 MPa; G 1/4 internal... Selengkapnya)

1762-IQ8OW6 Digital Combination Modules

JUAL Allen-Bradley 1762-IQ8OW6 Digital Combination Modules 8 Point 24 VDC Sink/Source Input/6 Point VAC/VDC Relay Output Combination Module   Catalog Number 1762-IQ8OW6 Description 8 Point... Selengkapnya)

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